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Hoyt Arboretum Friends (HAF) is a membership-based, nonprofit organization working in partnership with Portland Parks and Recreation to support Hoyt Arboretum.

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Registration for Portland Parks & Recreation's 2015 summer camp season is now open! Register Summer Camp.jpgonline or call Customer Service at (503) 823-2525.

Questions about Summer Nature Day Camp? Please contact the Environmental Education office at (503) 823-3601 or email

Rockin Robins Nature Camp 2015 Schedule (3-6 yrs)

July 6-10 Sneaking, Hiding & Camouflage (4-6 yrs)
July 13-16 Fledglings Mini Camp - Birds (3-5 yrs)
July 27-31 Nature's Kitchen (4-6 yrs)
August 10-14 Imaginations Gone Wild! (4-6 yrs)

Nature Day Camps at Hoyt Arboretum for 2015 (5-13 yrs)

June 22-26 The Magic of Hoyt Arboretum (5-11 yrs)
June 22-26 Close Encounters at Hoyt Arboretum (11-13 yrs)
July 6-10 Stealth & Survival at Hoyt Arboretum (5-11 yrs)
July 13-17 Birds of a Feather at Hoyt Arboretum (5-11 yrs)
July 27-31 Nature's Pantry at Hoyt Arboretum (5-11 yrs)
July 27-31 Raven Tribe at Hoyt Arboretum (11-13 yrs)
August 3-7 We Speak for the Trees! (5-11 yrs)
August 3-7 DIY Nature at Hoyt Arboretum (11-13 yrs)
August 10-14 Scouting Secrets at Hoyt Arboretum (5-11 yrs)

Click here to learn about this year's nature day camp themes!

Tours & Walks in the Arboretum

Year-round Guided Tours for Kids

Join our specially trained Hoyt Arboretum Friends KIDS tour guides on an informative 90-minute journey through our tree and plant collections. Each tour guide brings a unique perspective to the tour, so every tour is a new experience, but each includes a fun scavenger hunt, opportunities to connect with nature, and time to talk about what the kids have learned over the day.

Tours are provided for groups of kids including, but not limited to, school groups, scouting troops, homeschool groups, or any other group of at least two kids (with an adult). We like to keep groups to a maximum of 15 students per guide, so if you have a bigger group, please give us time to schedule multiple people!

We ask for a $3/person donation, but if that fee is prohibitive for your group, we can discuss alternatives. Proceeds from the tours help fund educational programs and tree maintenance. 

Tours are scheduled at the availability of groups and guides. We do what we can to be flexible, but the more lead time you can give us the better!

Please email for additional information or to schedule your tour!

Information for families

Hoyt Arboretum is a wonderful place for families to explore together and discover a world of trees and plants just two miles west of downtown Portland.

Easily accessible by car, bus or light rail from anywhere in the Portland Metro area, Hoyt Arboretum offers parents a 189-acre "living classroom" in which to teach children about trees, plants and the natural world.

Hoyt Arboretum is home to a collection of more than 6,000 trees representing over 2,000 species from around the world, 63 of which are vulnerable or endangered. A Visitor Center in the heart of Hoyt Arboretum offers visitor services, a research library, educational brochures, trail maps, a children's activity map and a small gift shop.

Become a Tree Buddy