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Hoyt Arboretum Friends (HAF) is a membership-based, nonprofit organization working in partnership with Portland Parks and Recreation to support Hoyt Arboretum.

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All Rental Fees for 2017

Stevens Pavilion Picnic Shelter

  • Full-day (8am-9pm) $550

Redwood Deck 

  • Full-day only (8am-9pm)
  • Weddings $205
  • Weddings with Meadow rental $365

Wedding Meadow

  • Full-day only (8am-9pm) $260

Bill deWeese Classroom

Rental during Visitor Center hours:

  • Regular $62/hr
  • Non-Profit $40/hr

Rental outside Visitor Center hours:

  • Regular $79/hr
  • Non-Profit $57/hr

Application Fees and Deposits

Application Fee (Non-refundable)

  • Picnics/Meetings $22
  • Weddings/Special Use $110 ($220 if applying 10 business days or less)

Deposit (Refundable)

  • Security Deposit $125
  • Key Deposit (if needed) $100

Rental and application fees for Hoyt Arboretum facilities are subject to change.

How to make a Reservation

Reservations are available through the Portland Parks & Recreation Customer Service and can be made:

In person at: 1120 SW Fifth Ave., Portland, OR 97204

Or by phone at: 503.823.2525

Online at

Rental Venues inside the Arboretum

Stevens Pavilion Picnic Shelter

Surrounded by Douglas firs, the covered picnic shelter is within walking distance of the Hoyt Arboretum Visitor Center where restrooms and a bus stop are located.

Wedding Meadow

This rustic, wooded glen is located 1/3 mile from the Visitor Center and main roads and offers the feel of wilderness without the 75-mile drive.  

Redwood Deck

Nestled amongst redwoods and sequoias, this natural wood deck offers a serene getaway for intimate gatherings. 

Bill deWeese Classroom

Located in the Hoyt Arboretum Visitor Center this pleasant room is ideal for meetings, retreats and small events. Large windows look out upon colorful plantings and distant evergreens.