Hoyt Arboretum Friends (HAF) is a membership-based, nonprofit organization working in partnership with Portland Parks and Recreation to support Hoyt Arboretum.

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Upcoming Events & Classes

Wildlife Tracking

Saturday, January 27
9am-12 pm
$15/member, $20/non-member

Portland's parks and natural areas are home to many different kinds of wildlife. Many animals are hard to see directly, but you can know about their presence through the tracks and sign they leave behind. In this class you will learn the basics of wildlife tracking and will explore Hoyt Arboretum to see what mammals have been living here.

About the instructor: Teri Lysak has been teaching wildlife tracking and wild plant foraging for over 10 years, and runs a citizen science project for Cascadia Wild searching for rare mammals on Mt Hood. Previously she worked as a forester, and holds an MS in Forest Ecology from OSU.

Limited to 15 participants. Registration is required. Please sign up via Paypal below, or call (503) 823-1649. 

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Family Forest Day

Monday, January 29
Free event!

School is out for Portland Public Schools on January 29! Bring the family to Hoyt Arboretum for a self-guided scavenger hunt and find the answers with your kids as you stroll along the wooded trails - together, you'll identify trees, explore wildlife, and engage with nature through the shapes and colors in the arboretum. Stop by the Visitor Center to pick up your free game card and map, then return at the end of your walk to pick up a small prize between 9am-1pm.

Project BudBurst -- Volunteer Training

Thursday, February 8, 10-11am

Project BudBurst is a nationwide, citizen science-driven effort designed to study plant responses to changes in climate. Volunteers are needed to monitor the timing of specific events in a plant's life history known as phenophases (E.g., full bloom, fruiting, etc.) and report their observations to Project BudBurst.

The next training session the Project BudBurst program is scheduled for Thursday, February 8 from 10-11am. During this training, volunteers will learn about plant structures and phenology and choose a specific plant to monitor at Hoyt Arboretum. You can read about our work with Project BudBurst last year in our December 2017 E-Newsletter, and more information about this nationwide project is at http://www.budburst.org/. For more information or to sign up for the training, please email volunteer@hoytarboretum.org or call (503) 823-1649.

Macrame Class

Saturday, February 10
$55/member, $60/non-member

Macrame, a 70’s icon, has made a comeback in a big way! Join us to learn and practice the fundamental macrame knots that can be used to create decorative and functional shapes. During this workshop, you will create your own macrame plant hanger to adorn your home. We provide all the materials you need to complete your unique piece of art. **Plants for your hangers will be for sale at the event for $10**

About the instructor: Celina Stilphen, founder of Woven Currents is a local Portland fiber artist who aims to combine art and environmental science. Woven Currents is inspired by the ebb and flow of the ocean. Each design intends to raise awareness on ocean conservation and protection, while also bring the feeling of the coast into your space.

Limited to 15 participants. Registration is required. Please sign up via Paypal below, or call (503) 823-1649. 

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Arboretum Naturalist -- Volunteer Training

Monday, February 12, 1-3pm or
Thursday, February 15, 10am-12pm

Become an Arboretum Naturalist at Hoyt Arboretum! Arboretum Naturalists are volunteer educators who lead field trips for children (grades K-8) to introduce them to the science of trees and Pacific Northwest ecology through fun hands-on activities.

Arboretum Naturalists lead small groups of students on a 90-minute field trip along the arboretum’s trails to inspire curiosity and discovery in the natural world. Field trips are typically scheduled on weekdays between 10am and 1pm. Arboretum Naturalists should be available to volunteer for a minimum of 2 tours per month during the peak field trip season.

No experience is necessary; training is provided. Volunteers with a love of the outdoors and an interest in environmental education are encouraged to apply (all volunteers must pass a background check). Gain valuable experience working with children and teaching environmental education in an outdoor setting.

Two introductory training sessions are scheduled for mid-February on Monday, February 12, 1-3pm and Thursday, February 15, 10am-12pm. Each training session will be limited to 12 participants. Please apply online here. For more information, please email volunteer@hoytarboretum.org or call (503) 823-1649.

Birding 101

Saturday, March 3
9am-12 pm
$15/member, $20/non-member

Birds are everywhere you look, but how to figure out which one is which? This workshop takes the mystery out of bird observation and identification by giving you the tools to see the whole bird—not just its color, but its shape, size, pattern, behavior, and more.

In this class, longtime birder and teacher Laura Whittemore will introduce you to the questions you should ask when faced with a mystery bird. During a slide presentation of local common species, you'll learn to see beyond a bird's color and consider other physical and behavioral characteristics that will tell you about a bird's identity and life history. Use your new awareness on a walk around Hoyt Arboretum as you learn to detect birds by moving slowly, being patient, and using your ears and eyes.

About the instructor: Longtime birder and teacher Laura Whittemore loves to show beginners the tricks of the trade. She regularly teaches classes for Audubon Society of Portland and previously worked for Backyard Bird Shop, where she helped bird-feeding enthusiasts ID those confusing little brown birds. Laura holds a BA in Biology from Lewis and Clark College and has traveled in the US, Australia, South Africa, and Antarctica in search of birds.

Limited to 15 participants. Registration is required. Please sign up via Paypal below, or call (503) 823-1649. 

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Botanical Illustration Workshop

Saturday, April 14
$20/member, $25/non-member

Whether you are a budding artist wanting to learn about botany or a plant lover eager to hone your botanical illustration skills, this class is for you! Instructor Ruth Williams will teach students the basics of botanical illustration so that they can complete one or two watercolor illustrated greeting cards. Bring your own samples, or draw from Hoyt's extensive library of botanical texts.

About the instructor: Ruth Williams is an arborist and plant enthusiast with degrees in Horticulture and Landscape Architecture from UC Davis. She has been drawing and painting plants for 16 years. She teaches botanical illustration and dormant plant ID at Hoyt. She lives in Southeast Portland with two heritage California Bay Laurels, her husband, and seven chickens.

Limited to 12 people. Registration is required. Please sign up via Paypal below, or call (503) 823-1649. 

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Mushroom Identification Workshop

Friday, May 4
$15/member, $20/non-member

The Pacific Northwest is home to a wealth of fascinating fungi. If you've ever been curious about how to identify the mushrooms you see, here is your chance! In this class, mushroom enthusiast and avid forager Leah Bendlin will teach the basics of mushroom identification, from key physical features, to habitat and ecological roles. Bring in your own finds for guided practice applying ID processes following the presentation. We will also take a hike in the arboretum to find mushrooms in their natural habitats.

About the instructor: Leah grew up in the midwest with nature loving biologist parents who taught her how to forage for edible plants. Later, she moved to the Pacific Northwest, and a friend took her out one day for a chanterelle hunt. She was fascinated not only by the bounty of chanterelles that year, but also by the abundance of other mushrooms that she had somehow never noticed before. After asking friends more about mushroom identification and coming up with dead ends, she set out to teach herself. A chance encounter soon became a life passion. Leah became obsessed with mushroom taxonomy and all the facets that go into the hunt, learning to read the land for signs of treasure. In 2015, she was elected to the board of directors of the Oregon Mycological Society, where she currently also serves as a teacher, speaker and identifier. After seven years of intense study, she now takes every opportunity possible to share the love of fungi with others and inspire them to begin their own journeys.

Limited to 15 people. Registration is required. Please sign up via Paypal below, or call (503) 823-1649. 

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