Hoyt Arboretum Friends (HAF) is a membership-based, nonprofit organization working in partnership with Portland Parks and Recreation to support Hoyt Arboretum.

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June Highlights

Cherry Trail 

Cotinus coggygria ‘Purpureus’ - Purple Smoketree 

This beautiful purple-leafed shrub is starting its flowering cycle! The blooms are quite showy as a result from plumy hairs on the sterile flowers. The panicles change colors as they age, and around September, they have a “smokey” effect! 

Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial

Cornus kousa ‘Autumn Rose’, ‘Moonbeam’, ‘National’, ‘Rosabella’, and ‘Trinity Star’ – Kousa Dogwood

The Kousa Dogwoods are our later flowering dogwoods! ‘Rosabella’ is a shorter and fatter shaped tree with pink flowers. ‘Autmun Rose’ and ‘Trinity Star’ both have beautiful white flowers. And finally, don’t forget to take a look at ‘Moonbeam’, as it has flowers that could be comparable to dinner plates in size! 

Overlook Trail

Laburnum anagyroides – Golden Chain Tree 
 The Golden Chain tree is a must-see in the month of June, when walking along the Overlook Trail! Amongst its green foliage, it has hard-to-miss blooms, as they are long and pendulous (six to ten inches in length), and bright yellow in color!

Elderberry Trail

Styrax japonicus - Japanese Snow-Bell

Native to Japan, China and Korea, the Japanese Snow-Bell blooms starting in May, and goes through June. Hanging below the simple dark and lustrous green leaves, are groups of three to six beautiful white flowers, which have five lobes and yellow stamens! Along with the rounded drupe fruits and smooth gray bark, this tree is a multiple-season sight!

What's in Bloom?


Magnolia wilsonii

This Magnolia is native to China where it grows as a forest understory plant.  This is an unusual magnolia, in that the blooms are pendulous, meaning downward-hanging.  Their crisp white blooms are beautiful with bright maroon stamens in the center. 

This magnolia can be found at the western confluence of the Taylor and Magnolia trails in the Magnolia Collection.  Take a look today!