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Citizen Science Conifer Pollen Release and Cone Set Phenology Change Investigation

Hoyt Arboretum and Herbarium has been awarded the Native Plant Society of Oregon Field Research Grant for 2013 for $750. Thank you NPSO!  

The proposal is titled “Hoyt Arboretum and Herbarium Citizen Science Conifer Pollen Release and Cone Set Phenology Change Investigation.”  

Hoyt Arboretum and Herbarium, in partnership with citizen science volunteers, are formulating protocol for a long-term gymnosperm phenology and cone set study.  The principal investigators, Martin Nicholson, Hoyt Arboretum Curator, Erin Riggs, Hoyt Herbarium Curator and Heather Wilkinson, Citizen Science Liaison and Volunteer Coordinator, aim to model the research and Citizen Science data collection after “Project Budburst” work.  

Much attention has been given to angiosperm phenology change.  This study will look specifically at Abies lasiocarpa, Abies concolor × Abies grandis, and Abies procera pollen phenology change in association with cone set.   The project will last from five to ten years with papers written in three to five year intervals.  Permanent plots will be placed in 10 to 15 locations from the North Cascades at Mt. Hood to the California Floristic Region in the Western Cascades.  Permission is being sought from the Forest Service for permanent plot installations as well as plots at Hoyt Arboretum and on private land.  

For more information about this project or to learn how you can participate, please email info@hoytarboretum.org.