Hoyt Arboretum Friends (HAF) is a membership-based, nonprofit organization working in partnership with Portland Parks and Recreation to support Hoyt Arboretum.

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A Kid’s Education Program of Hoyt Arboretum Friends

Mission of the Tree Buddy Program

The Tree Buddy program serves as an introduction to trees and Hoyt Arboretum for young people (or kids-at-heart of ANY age). The program focus is to interest kids in enjoying the outdoors and learning about trees and their role in the environment. Tree Buddies is designed to excite, motivate and involve kids. Through educational and fun activities, young people will learn to appreciate the outdoors and Hoyt Arboretum, and how we care for and conserve trees from around the world. Through the Tree Buddy program, Hoyt Arboretum Friends is committed to fostering and nurturing appreciation for the world’s trees.

How Do I Become a Tree Buddy?

You can become a Tree Buddy by completing the activities found in the Meet the Trees activities map. When completed, bring the map to the Hoyt Arboretum Visitor Center. Our volunteer will check your answers and you will receive a Tree Buddy badge, take an oath to support the trees, have your photo taken and receive a Hoyt Arboretum certificate and Passport for more tree adventures in Hoyt Arboretum. You can complete the activities in one visit or several visits. Remember, Hoyt Arboretum has no admission charge, so you can visit often!

What Do Tree Buddies Do?

As a Tree Buddy you will explore Hoyt Arboretum, learn about trees and help us keep them healthy. You will be invited to participate in other activities that will help you learn how to care for and identify trees and plants. You’ll learn about trees found in the Pacific Northwest and around the world so you can tell your friends and family about what makes them so special.

Tree Buddies Practice and Teach LEAVE NO TRACE 

Tree Buddies never pick the flowers or climb the trees in Hoyt Arboretum. Think of the arboretum as a museum of living trees that you get to touch and run and play in. No need to stay on the trails here!



The Tree Buddy Pledge

I love the forest tall and green
its leaves and ferns to see.
I love to wander down its paths
and hug its giant trees!
I promise to take care of these
for you as well as me!