Autumn light in Hoyt Arboretum

Hoyt Arboretum Friends (HAF) is a membership-based, nonprofit organization working in partnership with Portland Parks and Recreation to support Hoyt Arboretum.

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Keep Hoyt Arboretum Growing and Thriving!

Contributions to Hoyt Arboretum Friends are tax deductible. IRS ID#93-0919495  

Hoyt Arboretum does not charge entrance fees. As such, we depend on community support to preserve this unique place. Even small gifts can make a big difference! Your donations will support Hoyt Arboretum by...

  • Nurturing our new seedlings
  • Maintaining and improving our plant and tree collections
  • Making you a partner in world conservation and research
  • Grooming Hoyt’s 12 miles of trails that are free for public recreation
  • Maintaining our publically-accessible plant database

With the addition of our 220 new seedlings, consider the differences that your donation will make! The following is just a short list of what it takes to nurture a tree - from seedling to maturity.

$65 - Shovel
$75 - Skilled Labor Per Hour
$100 - Identifying Signage
$120 - Bag of Seedling Potting Soil
$150 - Cost of Tree Maintenance for one Tree from Propagation to Maturity

You can donate in five ways:

  • Online - through our secure donation box to the right by making a one-time gift in any amount
  • Online monthly - set up a series of monthly payments online through a secure PayPal connection by using a major credit card or your PayPal account via the secure box on the right
  • By mail - mail your donation to Hoyt Arboretum Friends, 4000 SW Fairview Blvd, Portland, OR 97221
  • By phone - call our office at 503.823.1649 from 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday
  • In person - stop by the Visitor Center during your next visit to Hoyt Arboretum. Our volunteers are happy to assist you in making a donation during weekday business hours and on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 3pm (depending on volunteer availability) at 4000 SW Fairview Blvd, Portland, OR 97221.

Be a Giant - Make HAF Part of Your Legacy

Dawn_Redwood_for_inventory_page.jpgRedwoods (Sequoiadendron giganteum) are the world’s tallest trees and can live for hundreds - even thousands - of years. Their role is critical in building a protective canopy that nurtures the surrounding ecosystem and helps it to thrive. Redwood trees are among the world’s treasures.

Like redwoods, there are many people who support and nurture Hoyt Arboretum by giving of their time, talent and treasure. These include our Sequoia Legacy Society members who have named Hoyt Arboretum Friends as a beneficiary in their planned giving.  If you have included HAF in your estate plans, we would like to hear from you so you can be recognized as a Sequoia Legacy Society member.

Visit the Redwood Collection here at the arboretum and be inspired to be one of the giants whose gift can support HAF for many years to come. If you would like to include Hoyt Arboretum Friends in your estate plans, or have already done so and would like to be recognized as a Sequoia Legacy Society member, please contact Peggie Schwarz at 503.823.1648 or

Thank you for your important gift that serves as a promise to future generations of tree stewards.

Thank You to our Donors!

April 2015 - March 2016

$10,000 and up

ESCO Foundation
Jack and Lynn Loacker
Nancy Hebb Freeman Trust


J. Frank Schmidt Foundation
Peter and Joey Pope
The F.A. Bartlett Tree Expert Co.
Joe and Phyllis Whittington


Gordon Allen and Janice Stewart
Robert Bartlett
Bland Family Foundation
Bob and Nell Bonaparte
Eric and Jill Burnette
Columbia Sportswear
Rob DeWitt
Emily Doerr
Keith Dubanevich
Howard and Linda Franklin
Jim and Sarah Fredericks
Halton Foundation
Susan Hammer
Peter Kendall
Susan Koe
Ed and Margaret Kushner
Roger and Becki Langdon
Susan Jackson McAnulty
Ned and Lora McCall
Mark and Edie Millar
Brad and Nancy Miller
Jacob and Amy Moran
Native Plant Society Of Oregon
Ned Jaquith Foundation
Perkins & Co
David and Lisa Platt
David James Pollock
Ralph & Adolph Jacobs Foundation
Phyllis Reynolds - Champion Grants
Eric and Kayla Soleglad
Stoll Stoll Berne Lokting & Shlachter P.C.
Charlie and Darci Swindells
Jim and Marie Taber
The Allen Family Foundation
The Standard
George Thompson and Margot Voorhies Thompson
Susan Tobey Denman
Priscilla Walters
William Rosenfeld
Craig and Suzanne Zarling


John and Patricia Bentley
Stan and Dixie Bland
J. Patrick Brooks
Broughton and Mary Bishop Foundation
Kevin and Beth Carr
Joseph and Emily DeCarlo
Gun Denhart
David and Jeanne Ellis
Lyle and Dawn Feilmeier
Scott Fletcher and Liza Finkel
Jasmine Fullman
Robert Geddes
Edwin Gerow and Cheryl Chevis
Dan Gibbs and Lois Seed
Ted and Connie Gilbert
Chris and Georgia Harker
Harriet Hayes
Rob and Nancy Hinnen
Robert Jensen
Keith Ketterling
Leslie Labbe
Jack and Susan Lane
Norbert and Christine Leupold
Nancy Loeb
Prudence Miller
Morton Tree & Landscape Maintenance, Inc.
David and Mary Mullen
Des and Kerma Murphy
John and McKay Nutt
Carol Olwell
Oregon Tree Care
John Paul and Teri Wadsworth
Eric Peluschenko and Megan Whalen
Judy Rice
Mark and Mary Roberts
Andy and Brigitte Russell
Peggie Schwarz and Tom Nelson
Jeremy Sherwood
Paul and Dana Shigley
Al Solheim
Talbot Benefit Auctions
Teragan & Associates, Inc.
Bass and Barbara Wagner
Richard and Linda Ward
Tom and Becky Wynne
Mark Zornow and Marjorie Grafe



Mary Abplanalp
M. Mehdi Akhavein
Anthony Altucher and Collette Young
American Conifer Society Western Region
Alan and Liz Ames
Thomas and Linda Anable
Jeff Andrews
Bryan Aptekar
Jonathan and Deanne Ater
Chuck and Kerry Aude
Arthur Bailey
Sharon Baker
David and Nancy Barbour
Francis Barnwell and Virginia Quinn
Kenneth Bayley
Don and Doris Beard
Mac and Greata Beatty
Jan Beaudoin
Darrell and Joanne Beck
Karl and Cindy Beeler
Lynne Bell
Charles and Meg Bishop
Jim and Sue Bisio
Bowen and Jennifer Blair
Ron and Sandra Bloom
Art Blumenkron
Lori Bocklund
Robert Bonne
David Boston and Roya Sohaey
John and Kim Bradley
Paul and Nancy Bragdon
Kim Brater
Lisa Brenskelle
Marianne Brogan and Ann Smith
Darol and Ann Brown
Andy and Nancy Bryant
Wendy Buchanan
Anne Buckley
Matthew Buckon
Morris Button
Russell and Dawn Campbell
Wendy Carlton
John and Lou Chapman
Arthur and Willa Clausing
"Collier Arbor Care
A Division of Bartlett Tree Experts"
Rick Comandich
John and Georgia Crampton
Ambrose and Anne Cronin
Gary and Cynthia Crose
David Crowley
Nancy Crumpacker
Chris and Cindy Cunningham
Jeff and Rhonda Curtis
Larry Daane and Mary Lyons
Stephen Dale and Lillian Li
Bryant and Judith Danner
Judy Dauble
Michael Davidson and Patricia Johnson
Andy and Suzie Davis
Harry and Margareta Davison
Joe and Dede DeJager
Ken Denniston
Gregg and Linda Densmore
David and Shannon Di Lorenzo
Spencer and Mary Dick
William Diebold and Deborah Freedberg
Bill Dieter and Martha Koerner
Denis and Christie Dooley
Vicki Dotson and Richard Becker
Dave and Julie Emry Dougherty
Robert and Linda Jo Durham
Jean Edmison
Jim Edwards and Michele Mass
Chris and Christine Edwardsen
Dick and Leslie Emery
John and Jane Emrick
Edward and Marilyn Epstein
Lynne Eramo
David Ernst
Susan Faulkner
Bryan and Janine Fischer
Eric and Robin Flamm
Christina Flaxel
Florence Fleskes
April Ann Fong
Edmund Frank
Mort and Sue Fuller
Zanley and Claire Galton
David and Martha Gardner
Darlene Geiger
Corinne Gentner
Richard Gilbert
George and Patricia Giraud
Andy Glew
Kathy Goeddel
Herb Goodman and Mel Lee
David Goulder and Marlene Salon
Jane Grecco
Ruth Gregg
Kent and Joanne Grewe
Andrew Gustely
Bo Hagood and Karen Foley
Kirk and Lisa Hall
Marie Hall
Frank and Anna Halpin
Brice and Margaret Hammack
Martin Hanson
Ed and Marolyn Hartman
Andrew and Cynthia Haruyama
Fred and Anna Hasle
Bill Hawkins
David Hawley and Carol Pelmas
Ted and Andrea Heid
Robert and Barbara Henarie
Clayton and Sudee Hering
Christine Herman
Edward Hershberg and Valerie Poris
Judy Herson
Michael Hevron
Marsh Hieronimus
Josh Hinerfeld and Andrea Binder
Ben and Shayda Hodgdon
Eric and Janice Hoffman
Kristin Hoffman
Steve and Felicia Holgate
Walt and Gretchen Hollands
Stuart Hopkins
Jeff Hoppert
John and Jeanne Howard
Preston Hunt and Aimee Green
Beth Hyams
Hank Itkin
Hiroshi and Janine Iwaya
Michael Jamond and Janice Arnold
Peter and Anne Jarvis
Doug and Kristen Johanson
Christopher Johns and Lindsey Schweitzer
Chris Jones
Mac and Molly Jones
David Judd and Katheryn Fitch
Stephen and Kathy Kelly
Susan Kem
John and Betty Kendall
David and Marian Kessler
Mark and Janice Kettler
William Kinsey and Arlena Barnes
John Kistler
Molly Kohnstamm
David & Jane Kolb
Tom Kramer and Catherine Mushel
Vic and Tammie Krisciunas
Kathy Kuhn
Ursula Kuhn
Reuel Kurzet
Theodore Labbe and Kelly Rogers
Clint and Amy Landon
Helena Lankton
Elizabeth Large
David Leckey and Margaret Neal
Thomas and Marcia Lee
Bob Lefferts
Rhonda Leo
Richard Liebman and Sheryl Fuller
Ross and Sheila Lienhart
Joanne Lilley
Jonathan and Marilyn Lindner
Michael Litt and Jeanne Magmer
Glea Livingston
Mary and Holly Ludtke
George and Mary Ann Machan
Amy Maki
Paul Malokas
Michael Manuel
Rick Markiw
Kathleen Marquardt
Mary McKinney Ezell & Flay Ezell Fund Of The Wentworth Foundation
David May and Tess Papas
Peter and Jill McDonald
Neal and Danni McLaughlin
Martha Mealy
Laura Meier
Bill and Nancy Meyer
Connie Michelson
Heiko Miles
Michael and Anne Miller
Rob and Sally Miller
Raymond and Wendy Mitchell
Ruth and Narayan Mohanram
Charles Morrow and Linda Cairns
Keil Mueller
Annette Mulee
Helle Nathan
Susan Nielsen
John Noran
Ray and Carol North
Northwoods Nursery Inc.
Jack and Erika Orchard
Overlook Tree Preservation
Brian and Emily Owendoff
Brian and Patti Parker
Walt and Ellen Peck
Geoffrey Peters and Lenka Jelinek
Joel and Sierra Phillips
Michael and Nancy Phillips
Jan and Kay Pinkava
Gary and Linda Pope
Bob and Becky Post
Wally and Bettsy Preble
Scott and Gwen Putnam
Suzanne Rague
Guido and Lee Rahr
Sandy Ramirez
Jacob and Betty Reiss
Jane Ribadeneyra and Kelly Egan
Timothy Rich and Robina Ingram-Rich
Mike Roach and Kim Osgood
Nancy Robinson
Glenn Rodriguez and Molly Keating
Steve Rosenberg and Ellen Lippman
Alex Ruzicka and Melinda Hutson
Laurie Rynties
Jonathan Sachs and Susan Bakewell-Sachs
Luke Saleeby
John and Gail Saltveit
Commissioner Dan Saltzman
Rochelle Satter
Paula Schilling
Patti Schleuning
Yannis and Leah Schoinas
Dottie Schoonmaker
Ernie and Trink Schurian
John and Rosemary Schwimmer
Jeffrey and Tracy Sebben
William Sefler
Thomas and Stephanie Semke
Peter and Penny Serrurier
Gary Shaw
Torin Shepard
Eric Sheppard
Elizabeth Sheridan
Mike Siegel and Kris Alman
Jim Sjulin and Gay Greger
Betsy Sleeper
Richard Sly
Matthew and Jessica Smedley
Beverly Smith
Gordon Snedecor
Chris and Jan Sokol
Brett Stacey and Kelly Ragan
James Stevens
Peter Stevens
John and Martha Stewart
Milan and Jean Stoyanov
Robert Strebin
Chris and Michele Sullivan
Carl Swett
Charles and Caroline Swindells
Dave and Ann Taylor
Lloyd and Catherine Taylor
Bradley Tebo and Margo Haygood
Sarah Tennant
Terry A Cone Construction
Judy Teufel
The Swigert Warren Foundation
Hayden and Shannon Thomas
John and Sue Thomas
Mary Tossey
Michael Traylor and Derek Holmgren
Christian Trejbal and Peggy Allen
Julie Tripp
Thomas and Priscilla Turner
Jay Uhlenhoff
Michael and Sarah Van Kleeck
Barbara Van Raalte
Thomas Van Raalte
Dave and Christine Vernier
Franz and Marilee Vogt
Brandon Volbright and Kathryn Shotzbarger
Jan Vreeland
Roger and Karen Vrilakas
Waggener Edstrom
Martha Waldemar
Jarrett Walker
Michael Wallace and Lisa Calef
Stephen and Mabsie Walters
Thomas Ward
George and Lori Webb
Jere Webb
Elizabeth Wehrli
Harold Weight
Howard Weinstein
Randy Weisberg
David Westby
Clif and Patty White
Donald Whittemore and Deborah Redman
Judd Williams and Anne Bonaparte
Steve Williams and Janet Schroer
Jane Willsea
David Winchester
Kevin and Anne Winthrop
David and Joan Witter
World Forestry Center
Rita Wouhaybi and Sarah Vincent
Merri Wyatt
Mark and Paula Young
Joe Yun and Melanie Billings-Yun
Chris and Tamara Yunker
Ivan Zackheim and Miriam Hecht
Greg Zarelli and John Bush
Dennis and Claudia Zerba


Gary Abbott and Jean Foote
Katherine Abel
Jeffrey and Gillian Abendroth
Barbara Acker
Brittany Ahn
Dave and Margaret Albertine
Jutta Allen
Sue Alperin
Barry and Linda Armentrout
Harrison Baer
Linda Bagwell
Alan and Julieann Barker
David and Joy Basaraba
John and Susan Bates
Emily Becker
Douglas Beers and Leslie Taylor
Bill and Nancy Bennetts
Gary and Cecille Beyl
Katy Bigelow
Richard Bills
Susan Bissell
Ardith Blank
Bruce Blank
Daniel and Michele Blankenheim
Jerry Bobbe
Katharine Bodin
David Boe
Marc Bohn and Caroline Fenn
Jessica Bond
James Bottone
Fieneke Brasser
David Breen and Catherine Harrison
Angie Breidenthal
Susan Brickey
Robert and Judy Bridenbaugh
Bruce Brown
Heather Brunelle
Debra Brunk
Larry Buchholz
Christopher Buhle
Nancy Buley
Dennis Bull
Phoebe Burns
Gail Burzynski
Patty Busse
Carla Caesar and Nora King
James and Claudia Cameron
William and Jane Campbell
Ellen Cantwell
Myron Carbaugh
Peter and Susan Carr
John and Marlis Carson
Tom Carter and Nanci Remington
Shelley Cimon
Brenda Clark
Graham and Karlyn Clark
Bud Clark
Daniel Clevenger
Kyle Cleys and Jeanne Ramsten
Carolyn Cosart
Graham and Lori Covington
Miranda Cowling
Sue Cox
Catherine Cravensjackson
Chris Crete and Genevieve Neyland
Mary Felice Crowe
Eric Cugnart and Kimberly Ritter
Gail Cunningham
Wolf and Jan Dammers
Robert and Nancy Dawson
Douglas Deaton
Bruce and April DeBolt
Samuel and Cynthia Dibbins
Dave and Jan Dobak
Brent Douglas
David and Nancy Dowell
Astrid Dragoy
Bill and Jane Drevescraft
Karen Dugger
Ivy Dunlap
Ken and Penny Durant
Anne Eakin
Esther Edgecomb
Ray and Maura Egan
Elizabeth Ehrlich
Rich Eichen and Suretta Geller
Andrew Ekman and Laurie Lundy-Eckman
Michael Eleff
Lorrayne Ellis
Karen Erde
Eric Faucher and Lynne Fox
Gary Fear and Anne Marsh
David Feary and Kaye Reed
Jeffrey Feiffer
Rachel Felice and Jeremy Engle
Amy Fields
Davis and Virginia Finch
Charles Fish
John and Marilyn Fisher
Elizabeth Fosterman
Eric and Elizabeth Foxman
Brady and Bette Franklin
Marsha Freed
Ann French
Don Friedman
Jeffrey Friedman
Robin Friedman and Kathy Lombardi
Linda Gaeth
Cynthia May Gage
John Gale and Sandra Joos
Christie Galen
Greg Geist
Bryan and Karen Geon
Katherine Giachetti
Jeffrey Gilbert
Sha Gleason
Dell Goldsmith and Robin McLeod
Phil Goldsmith and Susan Newman
Alice Goldstein and Donald Oman
Michael and Diane Golner
Ignacio Gonzalez-Reyes and Stacie Hall
Deni Goodman
Kathy Grantz
Cara Griffin
Kristin Gross
Edward Grossenbacher, M.D.
Julie Gudmestad
Jeff and Amy Gwilliam
Mrs. Stephen Halsey
Thomas Hansen and Kim Manley
Alice Hardesty
Teresa Hardy
Beverly Harmon
Timothy and Beth Hatfield
William and Elizabeth Hathaway
Nancy Hawver
Peter and Pam Hayes
Charles Heatwole and Deborah O'Neill
Denis and Eve Heidtmann
Morton Henig
Kenneth and Jane Hergenhan
Blake and Linda Hering
Timothy and Margaret Hill
Maude Hines
Kirk Hirschfeld
Gail Hobson
Joan Hoffman
Nadine Holten
James and Anne Holtz
Fredrick and Joann Horstkotte
Sheryl Horwitz and Larry Knudsen
John and Marcy Houle
Don and Jacki Hoyt
James Hudson and Morgan Pasinski
Marilyn Hughes
Bill and Jennifer Hunter
Leslie and Chizu Mori Hunter
Kathryn Hurd and Pam Peterson
Tracy Hyland
IBM Corporation Matching Gifts Program
Marty Ireland
Gregori Jakovina and Larry McDonald
Connie Jan
Jeff and Robin Jensen
Alice Jeresko
Nancy Jerrick
Zhong Jin
George and Phyllis Johanson
Benjamin Johnson
Christina Johnson
Mary Jones
Helga Joyce
David and Ann Kafoury
Bill Kaltenthaler
Jennifer Karps
Ted and Debbie Kaye
Lucy Keating
Patrick and Maureen Keene
Karl and Carol Keener
Charles Kim
Robert Kirby and Kendra Hill
Russell and Joan Kirsch
Scott Klag and Elaine Glendening
Jim and Morley Knoll
Jack Konner
Meryle Korn
Ann Giere Krane
Walter Kuciej and Maryann Meaney
Emma Kuzda
Stephen and Nancy Lagozzino
Nickyanne Laman
Susan Lamb
Christopher and Brooke Landon
Sean Lannan and Cherie Appleby-Lannan
Jerome Larson
Linda Larson
Elizabeth Laskey
Jeff Lassahn and Kathy Austen
Marilyn Laufenberg
Julie Lawrence
Ivars and Vesma Lazdins
Robert and Susan Leeb
Jack and Diane Leflar
Patricia Leonard and Michael Trigoboff
Carl Lesher and Kari Taber
Stu Levy
Sidne Lewis
Carol Ann Link
Holger Link and Laura Ehrlich
David and Liz Lippoff
Aaron and Sara Liston
Lori Livingston
Dennis Lo
John Long and Karen Suher
Kathryn Longstreth-Brown
Tina Louis
Rachel Lowenthal and Jennifer Rose
Karlene and Scott Lusby
Jeffrey Lynch and Akiko Yokota
Eleanor Maddy
James Mahoney
David Maier and Kaye Van Valkenburg
David Mangold and Gina Anzaldua
Virginia Manns
David and Hilary Mantz
Richard Marantz
Dawn Martinez
Susan Masta and Jay Withgott
Susan Mates
Tom Mazur
Tom and Barbara McAllister
Gwyneth McAlpine and Michael Robertson
Mary McArthur
Heather McCarey
Scott and Kathleen McCurdy
Ernest and Charline McDonald
Isabel McDonald
Moonlight McGaw
Erin McGovern
Nancy McKimens
Judith McLean
Janet McLennan
David and Tedde McMillen
Walter McMonies and Caroline Hall
Claudia McNellis
Tim McNichol and Anne Egan
John Meckel and Barbara Traver
Richard Meeker and Ellen Rosenblum
Barbara Mendius
Linda Meng
Richard and Paulette Meyer
Harry Lee Miersma
Sandy Miller
Richard and Saffron Mills
John and Diane Miner
Dave Mitchell and Judy Bradley
James and Anne Mitchell
Craig and Sue Moerer
Sandra Morales
Mark and Marjory Morford
Kerry and Karen Morgan
Eli Morris
Sandra Morris
John and Ursula Moyer
John and Chris Mullooly
John Murphy
Hester Nau
William and Sara Neill
Linda Nelson
Phil Nelson
Jamie and Jennifer Newton
Teale Niles
Kimberly Nistad
Margaret Nolan
Northwest Portland International Hostel
Nancy Oberschmidt
Daniel and Megan O'Harrow
Bill and Linda Opray
Derek Oringer and Keelin Anderson
Lacey Osteen
Art and Buff Palm
Alice Patten
Richard and Marilyn Petersen
Linh Pham
John and Nancy Phelps
Benno Philippson and Gail Durham
Tomm Pickles and Barbara Fitzpatrick
Joe Pitcavage and Carol Skowron
David and Kay Pollack
Aaron Poresky and Yasmin Khajavi
Jerry Porter
Portland Garden Club
Mark Portrait
Jonathan Potkin
Margaret Prebble
Scott and Teresa Pugliese
James and Candy Puterbaugh
Dylan and Jessica Raasch
Mark and Maria Raleigh
Porter Raper
Michael Ratliff
Steve Rauworth
Margaret Rea
Patricia Reading
Joseph Recker
Andy Rice and Kathy Jeffcott
Jim and Phyllis Richardson
Forrest Richem
Ellen Richter
Lana Roach
Claudia Roberts
Randall Roberts
Linda Robinson
Vickie Robinson
Richard Robohm and Lynn Edwards
Laura Rogers
Jane Rognlie
Don V. Romanaggi, M.D.
Lee and Susan Rosenbaum
Kurt Rosenberg
Deborah Rossi
Bill Roulette and Laura De Simone
Dave and Lois Rudman
Bill Rutherford
John Ryan
Michael and Marie Ryan
Sonia Sabnis
Steve and ZoAnne Salter
Zari Santner
Amy Scheele and Sue Phillips
Randy and Beth Scherman
Dieter Schoene
Tom and Mary Schoeneman
Greg and Jennifer Schramm
Jeanne Schramm
Becky Schreiber and Andrew Tice
Elizabeth Schumacher
Jack and Barbara Schwartz
Jim Scott and Elaine Robin
Ron Sharrin and Rebecca Barkin
Karen Shawcross
Nils Shervey
Joseph and Colleen Shoemaker
Elaine Sibley
Roger and Sandra Siegner
Suzanne Silverstein
Shelley Simmons
Marty Skinner
Andy and Kimi Sloop
Holland Smith and Julie Vaillancourt
Jay and Mary Smith
Jeanene Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Charlotte Sommerfeld
Dori Spencer
Frances Spisak
Jackie Spurlock
Marcia Starr
Trygve Steen
Dick Stetson
Victor and Ingrid Stevens
Dr. H.M. Stiles
Jim Stout
Jon and Barbara Stroud
Damon Sullivan and Sara Ashcraft
Alice Suter
Chuck and Teril Swart
Peter Sweeney
Leslie Swope
Alan Taft
Jocelyn Taylor
John and Lorie Topinka
Shannon Tortora
David Tovey
Julie Townsley
Ed Trotter and Nancy Myslony
Mitchell Turker and Lisa Sprague
Erin Turner
John Turner
Tom Turner and Elisa Dozono
Barbara Twohy
Kaushik Vaidyanathan
Jacques and Mary Vaillancourt
Eric and Martha Van Dyke
Mark Waggoner
Rick and Stephanie Wagner
Mark Wales
Richard and Penny Walker
Patrick Walsh
Scott and Susan Walsh
Julie Wang
Sean Waters
Scott and Anne Weaver
Gudrun Weber
Daniel Weldon
West Point Garden Club
Marsha White
Paul Wilkins
Bob and Karen Williams
Lisa Williams
Doug Wilson
Alan Winter
Jon and Lindsey Wise
John and BJ Wittwer
Karen McKay and Edward Wolf
Kathleen Worley
Peter and Judith Wright
Bill Wylie
Laura Zanetto
Gabriel and Dixie Zee

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