More than just a place to hike and admire scenic beauty, Hoyt Arboretum is a place to learn about the natural world. Our educational programs teach biological fundamentals, skills and crafts, and habitats and ecosystems.

Education opportunities fall into two basic categories, each requiring an enthusiasm for teaching, a love of the outdoors, and curiosity and a modicum of knowledge about plants.

Arboretum Naturalist

Arboretum Naturalists are specially trained to give two-hour educational tours and presentations to children—from toddlers to young teens—and their families. Children and family presentations focus on basic botanical themes like habitats, tree life cycles, evolutionary adaptations, or forest ecosystem partners (bugs, coyotes, birds, etc). A minimum hourly commitment is requested. Read the full description here.

Public Tour Guide

A great opportunity to meet people and develop your public speaking skills, Public Tour Guides lead 90-minute drop-in and scheduled private tours of the Arboretum from early spring through autumn. The position requires some very basic knowledge of trees and plants, but most importantly the desire to learn more. We offer continuing botanical learning opportunities, and request a minimum monthly commitment. Read the full description here.

To inquire about or apply for either of these positions, fill out the volunteer interest form or contact

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