Hoyt Arboretum Friends

Hoyt Arboretum Friends

Supporting conservation, education, and recreation programs at Hoyt Arboretum since 1986

Hoyt Arboretum grows through a longstanding partnership between Portland Parks and Recreation (PP&R) and Hoyt Arboretum Friends (HAF), a membership-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Through fundraising and volunteer recruitment, HAF enhances visitor experience and provides educational opportunities around the trees and collections in the Arboretum. Hoyt Arboretum staff and volunteers run the Visitor Center, distribute literature, and help fund major projects. HAF volunteers maintain the trails and trees, provide tours and classes, and help to catalog the Arboretum’s collection.

Our Board of Directors and Advisory Council are volunteer positions. We employ a staff of four to manage our education, volunteer, fundraising, and communication efforts.

Our mission is to maintain and improve Hoyt Arboretum and its collections for all people through advocacy, resources, awareness, and education. To learn more about our long-term goals, read the executive statement of our current five-year Strategic Plan.


History of Hoyt Arboretum Friends

In the early 1980s, Portland Parks and Recreation (PP&R) had developed a robust crew of volunteers to help with maintenance and grounds-keeping in parks. Hoyt Arboretum had an especially dedicated bunch of regular trail volunteers still known as the Tuesday Crew, as well as an additional group recruited by the Arboretum’s Program Director to pursue educational and research goals.

With the aim of preserving and promoting the arboretum, a group composed of Tuesday Crew volunteers, landscape designers, horticulturalists, and others drafted and signed articles of incorporation for a Friends group in 1986. Hoyt Arboretum Friends (HAF) was granted nonprofit status in 1987. HAF was a strictly volunteer organization for the first 13 years, and we hired our first staff member in 1999. Today, a group of four HAF employees supports PP&R staff, the all-volunteer board of directors, and a cadre of maintenance, education, and research volunteers.

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