Verdant Ventures: A Summer Visitor’s Guide

When the cool spring rains give way to the warm sun of summer, the plants of Hoyt Arboretum enter new phenological stages. In some cases, flowers turn to fruits and seeds, and the Arboretum is green and ripening.   Fruits & Berries Red elderberries and red huckleberries can be found lining the woodsy trails above your … Read more

Community Scientists Survey & Assess Invasive Blackberry Species

Blackberry thickets are a prominent (and prickly) feature of many Pacific Northwest natural areas including at Hoyt Arboretum and many other Portland Parks. The most common species of exotic blackberry in our region is widely accepted as Rubus armeniacus (AKA Himalayan or Armenian blackberry), but there are a couple of other exotic Rubus spp. that … Read more

Recommendations for Your Winter Visit

Every season has something spectacular to show at Hoyt Arboretum. Winter is no exception. Our Conifer Collection is green and commanding year-round.  Witch-hazel, Camellia, Viburnum, Mahonia, Hellebores, and more can all be found blooming in the winter months. Here are a few ideas of where to go and what to see at Hoyt Arboretum in … Read more

Tapping Into the Bigleaf Maple

It’s a busy Saturday morning in February of 2023 at Hoyt Arboretum, and a group gathers under the Stevens Pavilion for a special event. Today, we are lucky to have Eliza from the Oregon Maple Project come out to teach us how to make maple syrup from our native bigleaf maple. Eliza and the Oregon Maple … Read more

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