Seasonal Highlights

Seasonal Highlights

With over 2,300 tree and plant species from six continents, Hoyt Arboretum visitors are greeted by a diversity of sights, scents, and experiences every month of the year.

From the budburst of spring through summer fruit, fall’s fiery kaleidoscope and winter’s pops of color, there’s always something to see at the Arboretum.

Hoyt Arboretum is home to three nationally-recognized collections. While each is impressive to explore all year long, they hold the spotlight in succession through the seasons.

  1. Conifer Collection: Alongside our native Doug-firs, western redcedars, and hemlocks, Hoyt Arboretum’s collections of redwood, spruce, pine, fir, and cedar have grown to impressive heights. Explore the conifers in the summer months for extra shade and intense scents.
  2. Magnolia Collection: Magnolias thrive in the Pacific Northwest, and Hoyt is home to over 60 cultivars and species that burst into bloom in the spring months. Explore Magnolia Trail in March to witness big, fuzzy buds and signs of post-winter life, and experience the full blooming majesty in April (sometimes into May).
  3. Maple Collection: Containing over 90 species, subspecies, and cultivars this collection is mostly planted along Maple Trail in the south side of the park. Walk Maple Trail in the fall as their colors blaze along the ¾ mile span. Colors usually begin changing in October and are most impressive in November.

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