Seasonal Highlights

Seasonal Highlights

With over 2,300 tree and plant species from six continents, Hoyt Arboretum visitors are greeted by a diversity of sights, scents, and experiences every month of the year.

From the budburst of spring through summer fruit, fall’s fiery kaleidoscope and winter’s pops of color, there’s always something to see at the Arboretum.

In April, our collection of more than 60 magnolia species and cultivars kicks off an explosion of spring blossoms, followed by the white, pink, and red blossoms of cherry, dogwood, redbud, and maple. Colorful maple samaras rain down in late spring through the summer, as the golden chain tree shows its stunning racemes of yellow and red. Hardy citrus trees set fleshy fruits in July, while the locust tree beans twist in the August heat. Fire engine-red hawthorn fruits share an early fall stage with magnolia cones and snowberries, before the blaze of autumn really begins. Even after the deciduous leaves drop, winter’s stark views of bare branches and evergreen boughs is punctuated with red dogwood twigs, calico madrone and manzanita bark, striking white birch, and cold weather blossoms like camellia and ‘Dawn’ viburnum.

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