Accessible Paved Trails

Accessible Paved Trails

Click on the trail names below to learn more about each one’s usability, surface type, and more!

Overlook Trail – ½ mile of paved trail (one-way)

This trail takes you above the Visitor Center and offers vistas of Mount St. Helens and Mt. Rainier on a clear day. The Overlook Trail is marked in green on the trail map.

Bristlecone Pine Trail — ½ mile of paved trail (one-way)

This trail passes through a quieter part of the Arboretum. The trees here are arranged geographically rather than by taxonomy (plant family). Exhibits include Chile and South America, Northeastern Carolina Hardwood, Korea, China, Japan, Pacific Northwest, Siskiyou, and Europe. The Bristlecone Pine trail is marked in brown on the trail map.

Visitor Center Loop 1/10 mile of paved trail

This passes under the shady Beech and Oak collections and our Visitor Center alpine garden. Follow the gray connector trail around the Visitor Center on the trail map.

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