Use the online map or pick one up at the Visitor Center to follow one of these suggested routes. As you pass through the collections, watch for interpretive signs that provide insight into the trees growing around you.

30-Minute Loop – Fir Trail (0.5 miles)

Follow triangle symbols on map

Beginning near the Stevens Pavilion across the street from the Visitor Center, this easy stroll is fairly level. Start by skirting along a dark spruce forest before heading into the Red Pine Collection, passing through dense hedges of salal and stands of fir before ending back at the Pavilion.

1-Hour Loop – Spruce/Wildwood/Redwood Trails (0.9 miles)

Follow square symbols on map

This deep forest trek begins at the Pavilion across the street from the Visitor Center. The route passes through spruce trees from around the world and meanders by the Wedding Meadow. From there, you dip into towering redwoods, stopping at the Redwood Deck for a view before you continue to the trail below.

2-Hour Loop – Overlook/ Wildwood/Hawthorn/Maple/Wildwood/Holly Trails (1.25 miles)

Follow circle symbols on map

This route offers a little of everything: deciduous trees and conifers, open meadows, and varying elevations. It’s a great tour to explore the southeast quadrant of the Arboretum, and a side trip to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is well worth it.


Accessible Trails

Learn about the Arboretum’s accessible paved trails.

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