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Hoyt Arboretum Friends (HAF) is a membership-based, nonprofit organization working in partnership with Portland Parks and Recreation to support Hoyt Arboretum.

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Corporate or Group Volunteer Work

Volunteering is a great way to help teams learn more about one another, build camaraderie, and become better community members and there's always a place for your team or group to learn, play, and work up at Hoyt Arboretum. If you're interested in a group volunteer opportunity, please email Lorraine with your group size, preferred dates or date range, and length of shift you'd prefer. She'll get back to you as soon as possible with some options or ideas. Thursdays and Fridays usually work best. Your group is also always welcome to join one of our standing work parties on Saturdays (typically the first and last Saturday of the month, check the registration in the side bar for details) or one of our special events. Check our upcoming events page for more details. 

Volunteering at the Arboretum

Volunteers contribute substantially in the areas of gardening, special event staffing, Visitor Center staffing, tour guiding, database maintenance, photography, research, trail and tree maintenance, trail "roving" and more.

Throughout the year volunteer opportunities will be available at the arboretum working on events, greeting the public at the Visitor Center or joining a work party to make improvements on the trails and collections. We are also happy to work with special school projects or individual projects of interest.

As a City of Portland park, Hoyt Arboretum complies with the City of Portland standard for all ongoing volunteers.  This means that potential volunteers will need to apply to be a volunteer within Portland Parks & Recreation and consent to a background check. This doesn't apply to Saturday Crew, Tuesday Crew drop-ins, or specially scheduled work parties.

We rely on, and very much appreciate, the support we receive from our team of volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, just fill in the form below and we'll be in touch with you.

Thank you for your interest!


Be sure to check out all the great pictures of past volunteer events on Facebook!

 Visitor Center - weekends
 Visitor Center - weekdays
 Teach a Class
 Tour Guide - kids
 Tour Guide - adults
 Tuesday Crew (8-12pm)
 Saturday Crew (First and Last Saturdays, 9-12pm)
 Schedule a Corporate/Group Work Party
 Special Work Parties
 Administrative Support (data entry, special projects)
 Social Media
 Environmental Education
 Trail Rover

Our Tuesday Crew was recently featured on an episode of Oregon Field Guide. See our volunteers in action during this great video segment!


Current Volunteer Position Openings

Visitor Center Info Specialists:  Occasional Saturdays or Sundays 11am-3pm 1-2 Saturdays or Sundays per month.

Visitor Center Info Specialist Substitutes: Be "on-call" for shifts that normally scheduled volunteers are unavailable. 1-3 shifts per month in general. More near holidays and during the summer.

Tuesday Crew: Assist Curator with upkeep of park grounds and tree and plant collections.  Shifts are Tuesday morning from 8am-12pm, but special times/dates can be set up for groups and are sometimes set up as special events.

Saturday Crew: Assist our Horticulturist with special projects, invasive species removal, trail maintenance and more. Typically the first and last Saturday of the month April-October - registration required.

Hoyt Trail Rovers: Walk the trails, write down interesting things you see, and help visitors find their way. Training/Orientation will be scheduled as needed and time expectation after training will be 2-4 hours per month. More if you're interested in taking on more shifts. Training is scheduled as needed during off season.

Adult Tour Guides: Lead visitors through the Arboretum and teach them about things YOU are passionate about. Lots of training and support provided. We ask guides to do at least one tour per month during tour season - April through October. Most are on Saturdays, but private tours happen on other days. 

Kids Tour Guides: Lead groups of kids through the Arboretum and teach them about trees, the water cycle, appreciating nature, and more. Lots of training and support provided. We ask guides to do at least one tour per month during tour season - April through October. Most are on weekdays in the late morning, but weekends can also be scheduled. 

Workshop Presenter: Do you have a special interest or expertise that you would like to share with the public? Classes could be in the classroom, on a trail, or a combination of both. Subjects could include entomology, plant identification, invasive species, or something else you may have in mind. We can help provide you with the course outline or you can provide your own. 

If you are interested in these positions submit the volunteer form on this page.

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