Mushrooms and Fungal Ecology (in-person, outside)

Mushrooms and Fungal Ecology (in-person, outside)

Date(s) - April 22, 2023
10:30 am - 12:30 pm


This event is for folks with all levels of mushroom experience. In addition to identifying mushrooms, we will learn the basics of fungal ecology so as to read the landscape and understand where we might find fungal fruiting bodies. We will also consider the natural history of Hoyt Arboretum through a fungal lens: How can fungi help us see changes in the land? How might a mushroom reveal unseen connections between plants, fungi and humans?

About the instructor: Since 2007, Peter Oviatt has been looking for mushrooms, and talking with those whose lives revolve around fungi (truffle farmers, mycologists, commercial mushroom hunters, and varied entrepreneurs). He earned a PhD in Cultural Anthropology conducting this work. He now spends his time as an educator, teaching courses to adults, college students and within K-12.

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