Sound Galleries: Music & Poetry Series

Sound Galleries: Music & Poetry Series

Date(s) - September 7, 2024
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


On the first Saturday of July, August, and September, “Sound Galleries” will be held in the early evening mingling poetry, music, and the sounds of nature into a dusky, summer symphony. A diverse showcase of accomplished local artists will perform under a cathedral of towering trees on the Redwood Deck.

July 6th: world-renowned slam poet and Oregon poet laureate Anis Mojgani  will perform his exuberant, thoughtful, and deeply heartfelt work including selections from his latest book The Tigers They Let Me.

August 3rd: Smithsonian Folkways recording artist No-No Boy will perform an intimate set of songs from their history-meets-folk-music repertoire that illuminates unknown histories from Oregon, the American West, and further reaches of the American Empire.

September 7th: Dao Strom and Alicia Jo Rabins will collaborate for a special performance. Dao Strom’s award-winning hybrid poetry and music explores life with a fierce tenderness, often drawing on cultural questions inherent to her Vietnamese American identity. Alicia Jo Rabins is a writer, musician, and Torah teacher who combines words, music, ritual, and performance to create works of experimental beauty exploring the intersection of ancient wisdom texts, feminism, and everyday life.


NOTE: There is limited space on the Redwood Deck but the performances will be heard to varying degrees while walking the nearby Wildwood, Creek, and Redwood Trails. To walk, wonder and listen is the intended experience.


For press inquiries, contact Dr. Julian Saporiti Hoyt Arboretum’s musician-in-residence and curator of the Sound Galleries at


Getting to Hoyt Arboretum

The Hoyt Arboretum Visitor Center is located at 4000 SW Fairview Blvd, and there are 2 pay-to-park lots adjacent to the building. To learn more about parking, fees, and alternative transportation see our Plan Your Visit page. The Redwood Deck is located at the intersection of  Wildwood and Redwood Trails,  1/3 of a mile from the Visitor Center. Maps are available at the Visitor Center and staff and volunteers will be available to provide directions.

Directions to the Redwood Deck from the Visitor Center (20 min hike, unpaved):

  1. From the Visitor Center cross Fairview Blvd and walk toward Stevens Pavilion
  2. Take a right onto the Fir Trail and quickly take a left fork onto the Spruce Trail
  3. Follow the Spruce Trail until it dead ends into the Wildwood Trail
  4. Turn left onto the Wildwood Trail and continue to the Redwood Deck

ALTERNATIVE ROUTE (turquoise): Includes mix of packed-gravel, dirt trails, and stairss.

  1. Continue past Stevens Pavilion
  2. Descend stairs near the Bamboo Forest
  3. Take a right onto SW Bray Lane–follow all the way down this road
  4. Take left onto Wildwood Trail leading to the Redwood Deck


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