Hoyt Arboretum Dog of the Month: Mr. Peppers

Hoyt Arboretum Dog of the Month: Mr. Peppers

Dogs love Hoyt Arboretum and Hoyt Arboretum loves them too! In fact, every Hoyt Arboretum Friends staff person has a dog, who occasionally join us in the office to do the important work of begging for treats, snoring away in the communal dog bed, taking lunchtime walks, and receiving belly rubs. 

Another huge perk of working at Hoyt Arboretum is getting to know our regular park visitors’ canine companions along the trails or stopping into the Visitor Center for a biscuit and some love. That’s how we met Mr. Peppers and his person Hanna. 


Meet Mr. Peppers, Hoyt Arboretum’s Dog of the Month!


Mr. Peppers is a corgi pup who was united with Hanna through Petfinder two summers ago. The pair enjoy long walks in the Arboretum, most frequently on Redwood Trail, making sure to stop by the Visitor Center!

Hanna describes Mr. Pepper’s not-so-subtle motivations to beeline towards the Visitor Center as a “mission to get his daily dose of treats.” She adds, “It’s fun to see him so excited, and as a bonus, I get to chat with the volunteers and employees and hear what’s in bloom.”


Mr. Peppers is currently working on his Ph.D. in Bark-upational Therapy, so we might soon be calling him doctor. 😉

Mr. Peppers is very popular among the Hoyt Arboretum Friends. We simply can’t get enough of the full-on corgi wiggles! A model pup in every way, Mr. Peppers is always on leash and full of love!


Dogs are always welcome at Hoyt Arboretum! There are no off-leash zones in the park, and for the safety of all our human and dog visitors alike, keep your furry friends hooked to you at all times. Also don’t forget to be good park stewards, clean up after your dogs and dispose of baggies in the trash. 

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