Water Catchment Tank Pilot Project

Water Catchment Tank Pilot Project

A newly planted tree need 4 gallons of water a week, and with 189 acres and 6,000 trees to look after, that’s a lot of watering!

Climate Change

As our summers get hotter, dryer, and longer, watering is of increasing concern. To support these needs, Hoyt Arboretum Curator Martin Nicholson is piloting a Water Catchment Tank Project.

The Water Tank

In spring of 2022, a new water catchment tank was placed in the conifer collection where there is currently no access to irrigation. This tank collects and stores water during the rainy seasons to be utilized for supplemental summer watering.

Alongside Martin, the tanks were built by a young Eagle Scout who spent 70 hours and coordinated 14 volunteers as part of his Service Project.

Where to Find It

You’ll spot this tank on a hillside in the new Torreya Grove off Spruce Trail near Bray Lane. This location was selected for maximal water catchment, and for its proximity to new plantings that will require extra watering. If the water tanks prove to be a good solution, additional tanks will be installed around Hoyt Arboretum.

Funding for this pilot project was provided by the Hoyt Arboretum Friends membership.

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