Hike to the International Rose Test Garden from Hoyt Arboretum

Hike to the International Rose Test Garden from Hoyt Arboretum

The International Rose Test Garden is a one mile walk, along shaded downhill trails, from the Hoyt Arboretum Visitor Center. If in doubt, take the downhill path!

The Route

To get to the Rose Garden, you’ll take Oak Trail, Wildwood Trail, and follow the sign posts that point toward the Rose Garden and Japanese Garden.


From the Visitor Center Courtyard, facing Fairview Blvd,  turn right to get on Oak Trail. Amidst the oak trees, look out for the Douglas Fir with a distinctive lightning scar on the left side of the trail. 



Continue onwards until you reach the Wildwood Trail, where you will take the rightmost path, leading straight ahead. Soon after starting on the Wildwood Trail, you’ll cross two quiet roads and pass the Winter Garden. 



Keep going until you reach a trail intersection with a sign pointing the way to the Rose Garden and Japanese Garden. 

Turn left, and soon you will head down a short staircase and along the edge of the Japanese Garden. 



After descending several sets of stairs, you’ll reach the parking lot. Turn right, and the entrance to the Japanese Garden is about a block away, as well as a crosswalk that leads toward the Rose Garden. 

Walk between the tennis courts, down another set of stairs, and across the street to enjoy the roses.


Stop and Smell the Roses


The Return Trip


If you plan to return to the Arboretum, you can go back along the same route (uphill this time), or take the Explore Washington Park free shuttle back to the Visitor Center. 




About the Author

Chloe is a high school student volunteering at the arboretum for her senior project. She has helped with stewardship crews, shadowed field trips, helped at the visitor center, gone trail roving, and more. Her favorite trail in the arboretum is the White Pine trail because she once saw an owl there.

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