Many Hands Make Light Work: the Amy Hassell Story

Here’s Looking at Crew, Kid Volunteering on a stewardship crew is a fun way to engage with the Arboretum, make new friends, and strengthen existing relationships.  Such is the case for Saturday Crew member Brittany Hassell who learned about stewardship crews at Hoyt Arboretum on Facebook. “It sounded like exactly what I needed! I had … Read more

Community Science with Bill and Arlena

Loving Hoyt Arboretum for 20 Years Hoyt Arboretum has been a part of Arlena Barnes and Bill Kinsey’s lives and marriage for more than 20 years. Members since 2002, Arlena and Bill have always connected with each other and nature in the wooded trails of Portland, but to them, the Arboretum stands out for its … Read more

Learning is Fun with Eric Mitchell

Eric’s Hoyt Arboretum Story There are many ways to connect with Hoyt Arboretum. From taking a walk to pulling weeds in the rain, every person in our community has a different Hoyt Arboretum story. For Eric Mitchell, his Hoyt Arboretum story started as a visitor, turned to Tuesday Crew-member, turned to Nature Educator, turned to … Read more

Meet Marissa: Volunteer Extraordinaire

Volunteering at Hoyt Arboretum It takes a village to raise an arboretum. 200 acres, 12 miles of trails, more than 6,000 trees, and a changing climate thrown into the mix is a lot to contend with! The dedicated staff that steward Hoyt Arboretum are skilled and knowledgeable, but we could not provide the required level … Read more

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