Exploring Spring Blooms at the Arboretum

As winter’s chill begins to yield to spring’s warmer and longer days, the flowers at Hoyt Arboretum are responding enthusiastically. Being situated nearly a thousand feet above the valley means that the seasonal shift at the Arboretum lags behind lower elevations. As the cherry blossoms begin to fade by the waterfront, the flowering cherries at … Read more

Volunteer Plant Walk & Talk

The air is cool, but there is a hint of Spring to it. The sky is overcast, but the expected rain holds off. A dozen volunteers gather around Hoyt Arboretum Plant Taxonomist and Herbarium Curator Mandy Tu on a gray Monday morning. Best Tree Forever! Most of the volunteers present are there for Nature Educator … Read more

How to Visit Hoyt Arboretum Without a Car

Getting to Hoyt Arboretum without a car has never been easier. We are conveniently located within Washington Park, a destination that has long been accessible with a MAX station on site. Taking the MAX: A map of the MAX rail system and stations is available on TriMet’s site as well as schedules, and ticketing information. … Read more

Many Hands Make Light Work: the Amy Hassell Story

Here’s Looking at Crew, Kid Volunteering on a stewardship crew is a fun way to engage with the Arboretum, make new friends, and strengthen existing relationships.  Such is the case for Saturday Crew member Brittany Hassell who learned about stewardship crews at Hoyt Arboretum on Facebook. “It sounded like exactly what I needed! I had … Read more

The Docktors are a Tree Time Family!

Through the Eyes of a Child New members Travis and Kerry Docktor fell in love with the Arboretum through the eyes of their 2 and 1 year old children at Tree Time!  Long-time explorers of the outdoors, Travis and Kerry have always appreciated the global tree collection at Hoyt, sharing the Arboretum and Washington Park … Read more

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