Exploring Spring Blooms at the Arboretum

As winter’s chill begins to yield to spring’s warmer and longer days, the flowers at Hoyt Arboretum are responding enthusiastically. Being situated nearly a thousand feet above the valley means that the seasonal shift at the Arboretum lags behind lower elevations. As the cherry blossoms begin to fade by the waterfront, the flowering cherries at … Read more

Phoenix Seeds?!

(This post was originally published in Hoyt Arboretum’s December 2019 e-newsletter. Since the writing of this post, the manzanitas have sprouted and are doing well!) Someone who’s not so well-acquainted with the life cycles of trees may subscribe to the common misconception that flora “die” in the winter. But if there’s anything that plants can … Read more

Majestic Redwoods at Hoyt Arboretum

Does Hoyt Arboretum have redwood trees? We sure do! Hoyt Arboretum is home to three different redwood species, that number about 70 individual trees (including a few cultivars). Most of them are located in the area immediately surrounding the Redwood Deck. Redwood trees are iconic in western North America for their massive trunks (remember those … Read more

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