Volunteer Voices: Winter Garden

These mornings when I start out on the trail, the air seems fresher. Spring is on the way even with the recent snow! But, regardless of the forecast, it’s time to see the Hoyt Arboretum’s Winter Garden. I’m so impressed with the thought that went into both the location of the Winter Garden  – where … Read more

Volunteer Voices: Discovering New Plants

I spend a lot of time at Hoyt Arboretum regardless of the season.  In non-pandemic times, I volunteer as a naturalist, taking elementary school students on hikes to teach them about the Arboretum and the cool trees and plants found here. Outside of the school season, I hike and jog on the trails.  I’m not … Read more

Volunteer Voices: Fall Conifer Colors

I love seeing the golden colors of conifers in the fall. But aren’t conifers evergreen? Most conifers are evergreen, but a few species go for the gold in the fall. Like most broad-leaf trees, they are deciduous. That is, they drop their leaves every winter. This adaptation helps the trees survive the freezing cold of … Read more

Volunteer Voices: Familiar Feathers, or 4 Bird Species You Didn’t Know You Knew

Spring has arrived in Portland, when new blooms seem to be appearing daily. Not to be left behind, winged creatures have been quick to follow. Leaving a window propped open while typing the day away in productive bliss may reward the patient with cheery chirps, trills, and melodic whistles — a comfortable springtime soundtrack to … Read more

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