Racism in Taxonomy: What’s in a Name?

Inequities run deep in the natural sciences, and it’s apparent in the racist and xenophobic nomenclature of some trees and plants. Even within the last 30 years, anti-Black slurs were commonly used to describe plants. There are many examples, including Echinocactus polycephalus and Bertholletia excelsa (Brazil nuts), that carry ugly colloquial names that only recently … Read more

Ask an Expert! How Herbarium Specimens are Made at Hoyt Arboretum…

…and how to make your own pressed flowers and leaves at home! At Hoyt Arboretum, we make several hundred pressed and dried plant specimens every year to scientifically document and validate our tree collection. Many of the larger botanic gardens and arboreta, as well as most land-grant universities, have dried plant collections to record the … Read more

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