Wedding Meadow

Wedding Meadow

A peaceful, grassy setting surrounded by stately conifers and fringed with white-blooming shrubs like snowberry and ocean spray, the Wedding Meadow offers a bucolic retreat near the city.

Located 1/3 of a mile from the Visitor Center near the junction of the Fir and Spruce Trails, the Wedding Meadow is hidden from the paved road and buildings, offering a feeling of seclusion. Although not ADA accessible, there is a nearby access road to aid elderly guests and people with disabilities.

Location Details

  • 100 person capacity
  • No water, electric, or restrooms
  • Not ADA accessible
  • No barbecues permitted
  • No amplified music
  • Beer and wine allowed with permit
  • Park Rules and Regulations apply

Rental Fees for 2019 (Valid through June 30, 2020)

Full Day Rental (8am-9pm):

  • Wedding Meadow — $222.75
  • Wedding Meadow with Redwood Deck — $404

Application Fee (Non-refundable):

  • Picnics/Meetings – $23
  • Weddings/Special Use – $117 ($234 if applying 10 business days or less)

Deposit (Refundable):

  • Security Deposit – $250
  • Key Deposit (if needed) – $100

Reservations are available through Portland Parks & Recreation Customer Service Center:

Rental and application fees for Hoyt Arboretum facilities are subject to change.


Image courtesy of Jeff Brummett Visuals

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