February Highlights

February Highlights

Holly Trail

IIlex × altaclerensis ‘Camelliifolia’

This evergreen holly can reach up to 12 feet. Its colorful berries stand out against always-green foliage. The foliage is large and similar to camellia leaves though with spines.


Vietnam Memorial

Cornus occidentalis (Creek Dogwood)

The Creek Dogwood is an all-season beauty. In spring it blooms white. In winter its colorful red twigs are especially striking after it has lost its leaves. Native to Oregon and other nearby states. Find it by the Vietnam Memorial near the Marquam Trail.


Magnolia Trail

Magnolia x soulangiana (Saucer Magnolia)

Magnolias are always beautiful in spring bloom, but the Saucer Magnolia is also a sight in winter! Note its large pinkish-white buds. Find it on the Magnolia Trail near its intersection with the Wildwood Trail and south of Upper Cascade Drive.


Winter Garden

Chimonanthus praecox (Wintersweet)

Wintersweet is an excellent winter-blooming plant, thus its location within Hoyt. Bearing yellow flowers with a spicy fragrance, this plant adds a burst of color to any winter landscape. Even without blooms, it’s a great-looking plant, with glossy, lance-shaped leaves.

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