July Highlights

July Highlights

Aesculus californica

California Chestnut

Aesculus californica

This tall shrub is showing its true colors now. Blooming white, its flowers are grouped together to form the shape of a very large cone, and these cones cover the entire outer portion of the plant. Stop by and look for yourself today! Find it in the Visitors Center courtyard. Look toward Fairview Blvd; it’s left of the Douglas-fir tree.

Citrus 'Ichang Papeda'Citrus ‘Ichang papeda’

Citrus ‘Ichang papeda’

This tall shrub is quite hardy and fruits in July. The fruit look like small tangerines. The plant’s new growth has a lovely purple hue. Find it on the south (parking lot) side of the Visitor Center between the building and the ramp railing.


Acer Palmatum ‘Ornatum’

Red Laceleaf Japanese Maple

Acer Palmatum ‘Ornatum’

Growing to 10-15 feet, this gorgeous specimen features lacey star-shaped leaves with thin, serrated lobes. With its shaped habit and red fall color, it’s a great addition to the home landscape. Find it on the Hawthorn Trail just before it connects to the Maple Trail.


Holodiscus Discolor


Holodiscus discolor

Ocean Spray is beautiful in July. This fast-growing shrub produces cascading clusters of fluffy white flowers that produce a faintly sweet, sugary scent, so don’t forget to stop and smell them! Find it all along the Fir Trail loop.




Araucaria araucana

Monkey Puzzle Tree

Araucaria araucana

The Monkey Puzzle Tree is a conifer that can be enjoyed year-round. Introduced to Portland at the 1905 Exposition, it is native to Chile and has quite the puzzling appearance! It has evenly spaced, tiered branches; its “leaves” are triangular, leathery, and pointed at the ends. These “leaves” also cover most of the trunk. Be careful when observing, as this tree is very sharp! Find it on the Bristlecone Pine Trail just east of the picnic area. Look for two Monkey Puzzle trees.

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